Group Course Information

Price of $300/person includes the online course materials, 10 weekly group meetings, and 9 CE Credits.

A course instructor guides you through the online material, and structures and facilitates the weekly group meetings. The purpose of the group is to establish a small supportive professional community to help develop and sustain your mindfulness practice. It's common for clinicians to assume they struggle alone when, in fact, challenges are universal. Sharing experiences and learning from one another enhances engagement, motivation and progress. Groups are limited to ten mental health professionals which facilitates relationship building and ensures all have an opportunity for active participation. For additional questions, or to inquire about group availability please contact us via email.
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Learn To:

  • Practice Self-Acceptance

    Sometimes we fail to meet our own or other's expectations. Self-criticism and fears about competence can easily cascade into negative emotions and judgment. Reduce suffering by allowing self-compassion into these painful moments.

  • Act with Awareness

    Automatic, reactive habits of thinking and behaving are easily triggered in stressful situations. Create space to observe and accept arising distress and respond more skillfully.

  • Focus Your Attention

    With the emotional intensity of mental health work, it's easy to get lost in a stream of worry and rumination. Let go of grasping and churning and live with greater ease and quality of life.

Course Highlights and Benefits

  • We explain why and how mindfulness practices reduce your stress and help you respond skillfully in difficult situations.

  • Our assessments help you identify your most reactive, unproductive responses to stress. Personalized experiential learning exercises ensure this course addresses your individual needs and goals.

  • You will learn five "informal" mindfulness-based practices you can turn to whenever you feel challenged, uncomfortable or distressed. ("Formal" sitting mindfulness meditation is not emphasized in this course).

  • We offer you tools to turn these mindfulness practices into a regular daily habit. Sustaining your practice over time is the key to enjoying greater balance, calm and ease in your work and life.

  • This is an 10-week course that includes both online content and weekly group meetings through Zoom. Lessons include a mix of video presentations, downloadable guided audio, and handouts. Experiential learning is emphasized.

  • Weekly online group meetings offer additional personalized guidance for developing your mindfulness practice and provide a supportive community to help reinforce and sustain your progress.

This Course is Eligible for 9 CE Credits through NBCC

SMILE TI, LLC has been approved by NBCC as an Approved Continuing Education Provider, ACEP No. 7072. Programs that do not qualify for NBCC credit are clearly identified. SMILE TI, LLC is solely responsible for all aspects of the programs.
This Course is Eligible for 9 CE Credits through NBCC

Learning Objectives for CE Credit

( CE Credit is offered for the online course material only - not the weekly group meetings).

  • Explain why and how mindfulness practices reduce stress and burnout risk for mental health professionals

  • Identify unique sources of personal and professional stress.

  • Apply five mindfulness skills throughout your workday

  • Recognize how mindfulness skills can support client care.

  • Build a comprehensive and personalized mindfulness-based self-care plan for managing the daily stress of a professional clinical practice.

  • To receive CE credit, participants must complete all course content and pass the final course assessment. Once successful completion is verified, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion by email.

Course Content

  • 1
    Welcome to the Course!
    • A Welcome Message from your Instructors
    • How To Contact Us
  • 2
    Identifying Your Starting Points and Priorities
    • Overview
    • Stress Assessment and SMILE-TI Work/Life Challenges Inventory
    • Your Priorities!
    • Mindfulness Guided Meditation 1
    • On Your Own Experiential Practice
  • 3
    Introduction to Mindfulness and the Stress Response
    • Overview
    • What is Stress?
    • What is Mindfulness?
    • Check Your Understanding (3 questions)
    • Breathing in 10 Directions Guided Meditation
    • On Your Own Experiential Practice
  • 4
    The Present Moment
    • Overview
    • Why is the Present Moment so Important?
    • Grasping and Aversion - The Core Present Moment Challenges
    • Present Moment Personal Exploration Worksheet
    • Check Your Understanding
    • On Your Own Experiential Practice
  • 5
    Present Moment Practices - Sensory Focus and Mindful Breathing
    • Overview
    • Sensory Focus 1
    • Sensory Focus Practice - Sound
    • Sensory Focus 2
    • Mindful Breathing PDF
    • Guided Meditation: Focused Breathing Methods
    • On Your Own Experiential Practice
  • 6
    The Self-Compassion Triangle and Self-Acceptance
    • Introduction to the Self-Compassion Triangle
    • Self-Compassion Personal Exploration Guide
    • Self- Acceptance
    • Self-Acceptance Summary and Experiential Practice
  • 7
    Loving Kindness
    • Loving-Kindness
    • Copy of Self-Compassion Personal Exploration Guide
  • 8
    Self Care
    • The Deeper Meaning of Self-Care
    • Self-Care Inspiration Handout
    • Copy of Self-Compassion Personal Exploration Guide
    • Self-Compassion Summary
  • 9
    Enhancing Inner Awareness With The Noting Practice
    • Overview
    • Mindful Noting Practice Instructions
    • The Noting Practice - Brief Body Scan
    • The Noting Practice - Working with a Difficult Situation
    • On Your Own Experiential Practice
  • 10
    Enhancing Inner Awareness With The Mindful Triangle
    • Overview
    • The Mindful Triangle: Introduction
    • Mindful Triangle Worksheet
    • The Mindful Triangle: Experiential Guided Practice
    • On Your Own Experiential Practice
  • 11
    Your New Mindfulness Skills - Review
    • Introduction to the Review
    • Your Mindfulness Skills - Summary and Review
    • Closing Comments and Experiential Practice
    • Downloadable version of the Mindfulness Skill Review Presentation
    • (Optional Course add-on) How to Access a Personal Coaching Call
  • 12
    Developing a MIndful Orientation to Life
    • Topic Overview
    • Beginning Your Day and Transitioning to Work
  • 13
    Engaging Mindfully with Clients
    • Topic Overview
    • Engaging Mindfully with Clients
    • Preparing for a Challenging Therapy Session
  • 14
    Moving Intentionally through your Workday
    • Moving Intentionally Through Your Workday with Mindfulness
  • 15
    Ending Your Day and Transitioning Home
    • Ending Your Day with Mindfulness
  • 16
    Building Your Sustainable Mindfulness Practice.
    • Topic Overview
    • Building Your Sustainable Mindfulness Practice
  • 17
    Final Steps
    • Your final steps to completing the course.
    • Stress Assessment
    • Your Mindfulness Progress
    • Mindfulness At Work Program Evaluation
    • Continuing Education Credit Exam
    • Congratulations!


  • Janet Brody, Ph.D.

    Janet Brody, Ph.D.

    Program Developer

    I am passionate about supporting mental health providers in managing stress and enhancing work/life balance through mindfulness practices. As a licensed clinical psychologist, I have over 20 years of experience working as a therapist, supervisor and clinical trainer/director. I understand the daily challenges and stress points of clinical work, even for the most experienced and competent professionals. I am also a research scientist with the Oregon Research Institute and have been an investigator on eight clinical trials funded by the National Institutes of Health to assess the efficacy and effectiveness of Functional Family Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and mindfulness practices for adolescent and families. As a long-time meditator, I am very excited about the research literature documenting the ability of mindfulness interventions to improve a range of mental and physical health challenges and as a graduate of the Institute on Mindfulness and Psychotherapy’s certificate program, I am well versed in the many ways that mindfulness is currently being applied in clinical settings. The courses offered through SMILE TI draw upon this extensive background in mindfulness, supervision, and clinical work with adolescents and families to provide a unique framework for supporting mental health providers in their life and work.
  • Jeanne Dalen, Ph.D

    Jeanne Dalen, Ph.D

    Program Developer

    As a licensed clinical psychologist, research scientist, and family therapist, I understand well the need to prioritize work life balance while managing stress in today’s world. For over fifteen years I have been an advocate of mindfulness meditation, both in my personal and profession life. Currently owning my own private practice, PathWaves Therapy LLC, requires balancing a significant caseload, and so I have learned the immense value of integrating both formal and informal mindfulness practices into the workday as a way to stay centered. As a research scientist with the Oregon Research Institute and an Assistant Professor at the University of New Mexico Department of Pediatrics, I recently was the Principal Investigator of a clinical research study to adapt and pilot a family-based mindful eating intervention for overweight adolescents. This 3-year study, funded by the National Center for Complementary & Integrative Health, was one of the first treatment development efforts to integrate mindfulness techniques with family-based factors for adolescents. In addition, I developed a telehealth-based training program in Mindfulness and Mindful Eating for healthcare providers, which was selected for national implementation through the National Consortium of Clinical and Translational Science Centers. I’m thrilled to be able to share this unique training program in mindfulness for personal and professional development as it integrates my expertise in mindfulness, and web-based telehealth training for professionals. It is my hope that through this training opportunity, you develop a mindfulness practice that can lead to lifelong stress reduction, increased well-being, and work/life balance.