Personal Coaching consists of an hour-long video chat with one of the Mindfulness at Work Program Developers. These consultations are available to you at any time during or after completing the program and are an excellent way to receive in-depth, individualized guidance and support for building and sustaining your mindfulness practice. You can utilize a personal coaching call to:

  • Review your assessment results and plan how best to focus on your priority areas as you take the course.

  • Receive personal assistance with any of the mindfulness practices and how to integrate them into your work and/or home life.

  • Obtain individualized support for setting-up, building and/or sustaining your mindfulness practice.

  • If you get stuck, we can help with particularly challenging situations and/or repeated problematic behavioral patterns.

  • After completing the course, discuss your progress, your challenges, or perhaps possibilities for deepening your mindfulness practice over time.


We are very pleased that you are considering enriching your experience of the Mindfulness at Work Course by taking the opportunity to participate in the Personal Coaching option. Clinicians have repeatedly commented on how valuable these one-to-one personal conversations can be for their understanding of mindfulness and developing and sustaining their mindfulness practices. You will be speaking with either Janet Brody or Jeanne Dalen, the Mindfulness At Work Program Developers, on your call. We promise that we are both warm and friendly individuals! We like to promote a relaxed, easy, and compassionate atmosphere for these coaching calls. We want you to be as comfortable as possible in sharing your questions, concerns, and challenges with mindfulness and your work/life circumstances. The more we are able to get to know you, the more helpful we will be.

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