Self-care through Mindfulness in Life Experience with Therapeutic Integration

SMILE TI offers e-learning courses to support mental health providers through personal and professional mindfulness-based  programming. The overarching goal is to combat widely recognized risk factors for mental health professionals including stress, compassion fatigue, secondary trauma, and job burnout. We have a range of course offerings for individual clinicians, FFT teams, and mental health agencies seeking to establish a workplace culture of wellness. 

Course creators Janet L. Brody Ph.D and Jeanne Dalen, Ph.D. are clinical psychologists and research scientists with a deep appreciation for the practical application of informal mindfulness methods to support wellbeing. We also have expertise in both FFT and CBT clinical models, having served as investigator, clinical supervisor, and clinician on numerous NIH funded efficacy trials. We offer in-depth professional development training for FFT clinical teams on methods for integrating mindfulness methods into the FFT model.

We invite you to explore our course offerings by clicking the link below. If you're wondering what mindfulness is and whether it's right for you, we suggest you watch our free webinar or take our managing overwhelm short course.